Our hats

Here at Ghyll & Crag we believe in producing a quality product. Our hats are 100% handmade in the Lake District and each one is thoroughly checked to make sure it is up to our very high standard before it is sent to our customers.  

All of our hats are hand-knitted using soft super chunky wool which makes for an extremely comfortable hat that doesn't itch, even when wet. We test-drive all of our hats in the harshest of conditions amongst the fell tops in the driving wind and snow to make sure they're able to perform and keep our heads warm.

We absolutely love Herdwicks; the smiley but tough fell-bred sheep that are the woolly embodiment of the Lake District. Although the wool from Herdwicks can be very coarse and scratchy, and not really suitable for a hat, we decided that we needed to include some Herdy somewhere. So, the pompoms that adorn our hats are made from 100% Herdwick wool from Crookabeck Farm's flock in Patterdale. You could say that when you're wearing one of our hats you're wearing a Herdy on your head!

Our crew

We are a small family business based in the English Lake District with a serious passion for all-things Lakeland. When we're not making our beautiful hats we can be found wandering the fells in the wind, rain, snow and sunshine. You see, the Lake District is in our blood and we live and breathe it everyday.

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